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The Finger Lakes Woman is a educational resource journal, which is dedicated to educating women in our region about important businesses and community interests. Our Mission is to provide objective information with a focus upon high-quality educational articles that are of interest to women of all ages, background and ethnicity. We are sure that you will find the information useful, directing you to important educational content about regional businesses for your patronage in the Finger Lakes.
Further, as a business owner or representative of a community non-profit organization, we hope that you will consider the benefits to your organization as a new contributing writer to the The Finger Lakes Woman journal. We reach a Target Audience of women in the Finger Lakes... We offer you the Exclusivity of being the only professional in your specialty... We have widespread distribution of our free paper in key locations targeted to areas where women shop, exercise, work and live. Eliminate your competition, and establish yourself as the leading authority in your field. Advertize through your resource content, and recognize the advantages of an educated marketplace, who will have your singular attention.
Wintertime In The Finger Lakes Winter 2019


5 Surprising Tips For Better Heart Health
Stacy Marotta, UR Medicine
Values Driven Living: The Path To Happiness
Melissa L. Killleleagh, Finger Lakes Woman Magazine Community Liaison
Keep Your Resolution To Yourself?
Caitlin Foley, English By Cait
The Joys Of A Little Getaway
Rossana Shanklin, The Rose Petal Inn

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